Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For Love, Money and Fraud

July 2011
Volume 213, Issue 1

Alycia Kaback, is the face of VIP Talent Connect, The “It” Factor, Kaback Model Management, Colby Models and now The NYC Women’s Empowerment Summit, but who is she? Where did she come from and why is she in Philadelphia? Born and raised in Boca Raton, FL, her father a prominent lawyer and her mother a paralegal, Alycia spent her younger years pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, but unfortunately she did not have The “It” Factor. Being raised with the law at her fingertips, why would this Boca Raton Jew-ish girl be associated with one of the biggest SCAMS in the entertainment industry.

Let’s start with VIP Talent Connect better known as the entertainment networking event of the decade. Really? What do you get at this networking event, which by the way cost $1,495 - $1,695. Wow! The event takes place at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York, supposedly every eight weeks. According to a source at Caroline’s, VIP Talent Connect has no event scheduled for September 17 or December 17, 2011.

Alycia says the event is a nine hour day that includes breakfast, lunch, networking with celebrities and 35 top executives in the music, acting and modeling industry. If you paid $1,495 - $1,695, shouldn’t you know who is going to be at this event? Why are they keeping the names a secret? During their many open calls, it is said only 125 people will be able to attend this infallible networking event. Let’s do the math, 125 times $1,495 will generate an income of $186,875 for Alycia Kaback, VIP Talent Connect and The “It” Factor. After some investigating, adding and subtracting, the cost of this event, at most, would be $25,000. If they do this event every eight weeks, they are raking in $1.3 mil-lion a year. Talented people who have attended this event said you will meet washed up actors and no name people within the industry. Maybe that’s why they can’t tell us who will be there, because they have no name.

The Women’s Empowerment Summit was a first for Aylcia Kaback with Vivica A. Fox as the guest speaker. Out of all the women in this in-dustry, who could empower other women, why Vivica A. Fox? Probably because she has a really cheap price tag attached to her head. If Alycia thinks that Vivica A. Fox is a star, then she really knows nothing about this industry. When Vivica was interviewed at the Empower-ment Summit, she did not mention the event, Make a Wish Foundation or Alycia Kaback at all. She was the guest speaker and all she spoke about on the stage and during her interview was her wig line. But I guess that’s what you get for $2,000. Alycia bragged bodaciously at her open calls and scout trainings about having the keys to Ed Bennett’s five-story house in Manhattan, which she would use for special guest after The Empowerment Summit. Ed Bennett is the former CEO and President of VH1. After investigating this story, we found out Alycia rented two floors of Ed Bennett’s five-story studio, which by the way is available for anyone to rent. She never had keys to his house. How far will you go to impress people? In addition to that lie, The Make a Wish Foundation never received the proceeds from The Women’s Empower-ment Summit. Why the lies? What will she gain from the lies? Money!

Also, another one of her fine feathered friends, Robert Russell is always introduced as the VP of Casting for Warner Brothers, North America. Not true! While Robert Russell is in casting and has casted for specific shows, produced by Warner Brothers, he is by no means the VP of Casting at Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers has restricted this company from using their name in the past, but at the rate she’s going, maybe there is a lawsuit in her future. That will be a job for daddy!

KMM and Colby Models which is also attached to the Alycia Kaback name finds models for runway, print and commercial. KMM run by Alycia herself is for models who do not fit the criteria of runway. The way this goes is, once a person pays $534.95 to sign, they are charged $39.95 monthly fee just to stay on the website. They are told it is a "hosting fee" and that it also allows them to attend mandatory workshops monthly. The last workshop was hosted by the "model manager " Goldie, who claims to be a famous recording artist, but her only fame can be found on Youtube. A video of her in a dark bar, performing her "hit single" Body Talk. The video showcases Goldie's terrible dancing skills and people leaving the bar walking in front of the camera. After they pay to sign, they are then called back to the office a month later to be sold a $575 - $1,295 photo package. Wow, Alycia is making big money and making it fast. On the other hand, Colby Models is for high-end, runway fashion models only. This sector of the company is run by Ryan Colby who supposedly has worked as the Art Director at Vogue for 25 years. Lie! That statement has been investigated and confirmed and is not true. Ryan Colby worked for Vogue as an assistant, for six months. Lies, lies and more lies!

Employment with Alycia Kaback, VIP Talent Connect, The “It” Factor, KMM and Colby Models has been a revolving door. No one currently working for the company has been there more than eight months, yet the company has been in business for 4 years. Where are all the past employees? Today, people from all walks of life are employed there, drug addicts, washed up singers, actors, models and Aly who has a per-sonal grudge against the industry for not letting her into the Mickey Mouse Club as a child actor. If you apply for employment at this com-pany, especially as a Talent Scout, you will be scammed also. It is a commission based job that promises a base salary after a 30 day training, but you don’t find this out until you show up for the interview. The commission structure is designed to have the scout quit long before the
base salary kicks in. What a SCAM! Aylcia Kaback is really making a name for herself, unfortunately, it’s not a good name!

But Alycia Kaback does not work alone. She has a trusted sidekick who knows the scam game all to well. What we have on our hands in Philadelphia is a real modern day “Bonnie and Clyde”, except instead of banks, it’s the entertainment industry.

Michael Fomkin, a.k.a. Mike James started his scam career as the brainchild of Impact 210. His background also includes leadership at the infamous Wilhelmina Scouting Network scam. He owned a franchise which scammed thousands of young people. Impact 210 was his first scouting operation. Fomkin called himself the "CEO/Visionary" of Impact 210. Wilhelmina Scouting Network used to claim it was visionary and revolutionary before it went bankrupt in a cloud of controversy. Fomkin has never set any standards for the modeling industry except bad ones. He's been part of the worst exploitation of young talent the industry has ever seen. After WSN collapsed, following extensive exposure by the media, including a Dateline NBC report, Fomkin started Type 1 Model Man-agement, an illegal business, which morphed into One Source Talent, which he created with his WSN business associate Anthony Toma. These companies were running a photo mill, the oldest modeling scam in the book. Impact 210 was made in the mold of the Wilhelmina Scouting Network scam, which also ran an employment scam using HotJobs and (It was banned by both, as Newsweek Reported). Impact 210 offered "seasonal showcases to promote and expose top-notch talent to numerous talent scouts casting agents and industry movers and shakers. Wilhelmina Scouting Network also offered this overhyped, overpriced service which was virtually useless for almost everyone who paid.

Mike James /Fomkin is now showcasing himself as the President of VIP Talent Connect and The “It” Factor. While he says president, we say mastermind. He is back and up to his old tricks again and he is the brains and mastermind behind this entire SCAM. Mike does not make himself visible much, probably due to his past. All office space is leased to Alycia Kaback. All checks are signed by Alycia Kaback. All credit used is that of Alycia Kaback. Are they dating, married, shacked up or just friends? Alycia often refers to her boyfriend but never men-tions a name. They could do a sequel to the “The Secret Life of Bees” entitled “The Secret Life of Thieves”. How long will Michael James Fomkin continue this SCAM? How long will he continue to SCAM hard working people out of their hard earned money? Mike and Alycia have nothing to offer models, actors, musicians or anyone else in the entertainment industry that they can’t find for themselves. This SCAM has got to stop and it has got to stop TODAY!

But today, right here in the City of Brotherly Love, their SCAM is still in full effect and the name has been changed to protect the criminal. Same game, different name! Alycia Kaback, VIP Talent Connect, The “It” Factor, Kaback Model Management, Colby Models, The NYC Women’s Empowerment Summit and Michael Fomkin has taken this show on the road again, and they are performing at 125 South Street and a new office in Feasterville, at 210 E. Street Road. This is a warning to all people in the tri-state area, Alycia Kaback, Michael Fomkin a.k.a. Mike James and all companies associated with them is indeed a SCAM and has the track record to prove it!
Please visit Dateline NBC and type in Michael Fomkin and/or Impact 210

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